United Racing Stables

        United Racing Stables is located on Skyline Road in Stoystown, Pennsylvania. It is about thirty yards from the field near the Diamond T. Mine, a coal strip mine near Stonycreek Township, Somerset County where Flight 93 crashed.

        United Racing stables has about 623 acres and 505 horses. The horses' breeds range from Thoroughbreds, Quarter Horses, Irish Hunters and a lot of other breeds. The horses that live there have a range of careers including racing, jumping, dressage, endurance racing, barrel racing, and cross-country. They also have ranch horses for use on the property along with several dozen pony horses.

        They have only mares and geldings. They have no stallions and no foals have been born there.

        The owners are Blake and Peyton Anderson. They live there with their two teenagers, Jason and Paige. The head trainer is Thomas Michaels.

        They also have a range of exercise jockeys and jockeys.

        When Devel Ray becomes a 2 year old stallion , they begin to breed horses and buy stallions. Two of the many stallions they buy are Blornado and Time Attacks.

skyline road, shanksville, pennsylvania

       When Devel Ray's mother, Catch Me A Lucky One, arrives there and Blake and Peyton learn of her pregnancy. Peyton wants her gone. She does want to deal with the mare. In the end, Catch Me A Lucky One does deliver Devel Ray there. Devel Ray becomes the first foal on United Racing Stables. He later becomes the first stallion as well to live there.

       As Devel Ray continues his life there, he will have a lot of challenges. Will he win them all or will he be sold? Please keep up with the website to know when the first book is finished.

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