Devel Ray


Name: Devel Ray                  Nicknames/aliases: Champion, Devels    Breed: Thoroughbred

Birthplace:  United Racing Stable, Pennsylvania

Height: 17 hands    

Weight: 1,250

Hair color: black                   

Eye Color: Turquoise

Coat Color: Bay     

Markings: Black stockings, muzzle, and half ovals around the eye, white blaze


Physical imperfections/scars/handicaps:

  1. constant sore mouth
  2. very sensitive body

Overall physical condition:

very healthy and fit


  1. winning by at least five lengths


  1. face-paced movements
  2. company
  3. winning


  1. being lonely
  2. being penned-up for too long
  3. whips
  4. bits
  5. losing


Favorites (food, color, toy, tack, space):


  1. salt lick
  2. carrot


  1. black
  2. blue
  3. red


  1. open space
  2. large stall


  1. light-weight saddle
  2. soft blankets



  1. moves from the back of the pack to the front slowly during a race
  2. might need to start at the front in short races

Work experience (Racing, Three-day Eventing, Western) :

  1. Varies
  2. Better at long distance races

Best friend:

  1. Monty Riley Manson (Devel's Riley)
  2. Thomas Michaels - trainer

Love interest:

  1. Golden Dutchess (Quarter Horse)


  1. Thunderstorm
  2. Dynamic Kingdom
  3. Thunder's Magic




Sire: Blood Tornado (Blornado)                        Dam: Catch Me A Lucky One



United Racing Stables

Strongest character trait:

able to make people and animals feel happy when they are down


Weakest character trait:

not able to show aggression


Sees self as:

  1. helpful
  2. funny
  3. can get people and animals modes up
  4. motivate anyone when something goes wrong


Seen by others as:


  1. an inspiration
  2. a protector of what needs protecting
  3. a champion
  4. legend 




Wants to be a competitive jumper


Help people in times of need


Philosophy of life:


Psychological makeup -

Temperament: (1-10) 1= very calm  2= very high-spirited



being lonely

Social Skills:

What makes character happy?

see someone joyful, playful, or pretty much just having a good time

What makes character sad?

being lonely, seeing a friend hurt or killed

What makes character neigh loudly?

magic tricks, funny faces, weird outfits

What makes character angry?

Seeing someone in pain or unhappy

What secrets does the character have?

Wants to b a jumper


Present problem:

How can it get worse?

being sold

What will make it better?


One line characterization:

Why is the character worth writing about?

The character is worth writing about because you  can show a story like his before, during, and after 9/11. I've always wanted to place him a story and now I have one that will work great for him.

What do I lik
e-about the character & why:

I like this character because he makes up the horse I would like to own. He has an interesting personality and it will be fun and enjoyable to create his story.

What do I dislike about the character & why:

What I dislike about the character is that he goes missing. He doesn't want to be a racehorse because he wants to a show jumper. I believe that he will go missing because he is stolen because of how much he is worth or he leaves to be able to take on show jumping career.

How does the character change during the story?

He is growing up and learning about life. That there are good things and bad.

What does the character want?

He wants to share his story with anyone who will read or listen.

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