How Devel Ray became a reality?

           For the past few years, I started to think about a wish. I wished I for a horse on 12:12:12. Well, no such luck. So I thought, what if I created him in a story or better yet, his own series. So I had to come up with a great story.  

           First, we had to come with a time for his story.

           The first idea was to stick him in my fan-made series, Heroes Sensation. I came up with a lot of good ideas. Yet this series, Heroes Sensation, could probably never be published. All the T.V. shows were already owned and ideas of other people.

           The second was the Vietnam War. This was a good idea, but there was a problem. I wanted the horse to have Secretariat blood. It could still work, but Secretariat had already helped people with the Vietnam War. So that idea was a bust.

           My third idea was the one I took. The time was around the tragedy of the 9/11 terrorist attack. This should work. I think it could bring a good story and a way to commemorate the attack.

           I finally have a time.

           I wanted to build some maps and draw some pictures. My mom said I should just start writing. After a couple of times of her saying that, I started writing and it was coming together. I got some help from her and my sister to get the beginning paragraph. Then, my grandmother had come over and she helped me edit it. All I had to do was to continue writing.

            Devel Ray had his story and it was being created. I had a way to work with the horse I had wished for. I had got him in a different way. 

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